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60 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Many women refer to the age of 50 as their second youth. But they are always confused about how to look youthful at this age. Here we've compiled 60 gorgeous hairstyles for women over 50. You'll radiate in your golden age with these haircuts.

1. Modern Layered Bob

It is versatile and current. It works better on straight and moderately thick hair.


2. Sassy Pixie Cut

If you prefer a cool and fresh haircut, try a sassy pixie cut.


3. Medium Layered Haircut

Romantic and gorgeous. This hairstyle increases the solid sense of hair styling.


4. Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a popular choice for older women. Color and texture is key to keeping your look youthful.


5. Straight Bob with Bangs

Bob is classic that works for any age.


6. Curly Blonde Bob

This is a wash-and-go style that allows your hair to lie how it wants without becoming messy.


7. Shoulder-Length Flip

Flip is not suitable for all hair length but works perfectly on shoulder-length.


8. Chin-Length Bob

This keeps the style heavy and dense which is perfect for fine hair.


9. Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Flicked Out Ends

An elegant and chic hairstyle that works for day or more formal occasions.


10. Rounded Bob

The beautiful round shape makes a perfect back and side look.


11. Wavy Lob

The popular lob features a lived-in look, while maintains its polished feel.


12. Wispy Balayage Bob

Wispy hair is synonymous with youth, it is a better choice for a fresh feel.


13. Round Layers

Layers are perfect for shoulder-length hair. Create layers and make the ends curly. Add light blonde highlights to finish the gorgeous look.


14. Wispy Fringe Cut

This hairstyle features longer layers on top of the head and a beautiful wispy fringe.


15. Graduated Bob

If you're wondering a risk-free graduated bob, this hairstyle is a great choice. It can work well with a variety of hair types.


16. Asymmetric Silver Cut

Take years off your face with a cool and young cut.


17. Long Waves

Long waves are always a popular look for women of all ages. It adds more feminine traits and elegance to elegant women.


18. Fishtail Braid

The three-strand fishtail braid is as bold as it is beautiful.


19. Bob with Bangs

Chop your locks into a fresh, sleek bob like this one easily styled with a round-brush.


20. Long Hair with Bangs

A very feminine and romantic choice for women with fine hair. The bangs add youth and structure the soft piecey curls.


21. Side Bang

White hair can be gorgeous if you choose the right hairstyle. A deep side-parting bob may help showcase the feminity inside you.


22. Highlights and Lowlights for Blonde Hair

Perfect mixture of blonde highlights brunette lowlights. The highlights give this hairstyle life and dimension.


23. Balayage Hair with Curly Ends

Many women over 50 tend to worry about having gray hair. Balayage technique can perfectly blend your gray hair with other trending colors to make you look naturally beautiful. The curly ends in this haircut will create movement.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_20

24. Cropped Blonde Bob

This elegant blonde bob is a great complement to older ladies with a round face. With its asymmetry, your whole look will be lifted up. Oh, remember to keep the bangs long.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_21

25. Bombshell Haircut 

This long, cropped hairstyle, complete with red base color and blonde highlights, proves that women over 50 can be as sexy as young girls.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_22

26. Dynamic Mahogany Bob

How about a feathered bob hairstyle? Just remember to pick a sassy color like mahogany. It really caps off your look.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_23

 27. Layered Blonde Pixie

The pixie cut style is one of the best hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair. To look more stylish, make sure you choose cropped layers.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_24

28. Graduated Layered Bob

For those who are looking for a risk-free hairstyle, the carefree and sophisticated graduated layered bob is a great choice.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_25

29. Modern Wavy Lob

This trending lob with randomly placed curls gives us a feeling of youth and fashion.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_26

30. Lavender and Grey Look

This hairstyle can help solve the thinning hair problem in older women. Sharp cuts combined with the lavender and grey color will add vibrancy and character to your look.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_27

31. Reverse-Ombre Pixie

This reverse-ombre pixie starts dark at the roots and fades lighter to the ends. The color contrast creates a brighter appearance and brings you a youthful air.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_28

32. Layered Bob with Side-swept Curly Bangs

This layered bob with side-swept bangs is a great way to take years off your face. The curly design will make you stand out in the crowd.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_29

33. Wispy Pixie

This hairstyle can be achieved with a layered crop. The fullness at the crown gives a feeling of playfulness, whereas the wispy edges bring out your beautiful facial contours.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_30

34. Creative Color

Sometimes, you don't have to change your hairstyle, just try a bold color to awaken your inner vitality. How about adding a variety of purple in smaller weaved sections?

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_31

35. Collarbone Cut

If you want a chopped hairstyle but aren't ready for a short pixie cut, then try this collarbone cut. It looks delicate and needs low maintenance.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_32

36. Messy Backswept Hairstyle

The medium-sized bob with asymmetrical bangs makes your face look slimmer. A few defined top tresses swept back gives off natural and sexy beauty. You will surely turn heads with this hairstyle.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_33

37. Tapered Blonde Pixie Cut

With a tapered pixie cut, your hair is left long on top and tapered quite short towards the sides and bottom. This haircut looks sleek and polished from every angle.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_34

38. Soft Tousled Waves

Tousle your bob a little and it will look incredibly classy and chic.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_35

39. Full Textured Layers

This cut creates many textured layers that keep the hair in a neat and controlled manner. It's ideal for women with curly hair.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_36

40. Pixie with Long Bangs

This hairstyle has a rock and roll feel due to the long red bangs across the forehead and the chopped hair in the back. Pick red highlights for your bangs to finish this chic pixie.

22 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_37

41. Dark Brown With Chocolate Highlights

If you want to add something beautiful but less bold to your collarbone length hair, try the elegant curls and brown highlights.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_56

42. Choppy Pixie Cut

Some pixies can be short and clean. But if you prefer a more voluminous one, this one in the picture can be your choice. Create enough chopped layers, apply some styling wax, and use your fingers to style your hair.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_57

43. Lavender Highlights

Bob can be ordinary, but with a bold color, everything can be different. Add brown and lavender to your stacked bob, and you'll look gorgeous and edgy.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_58

44. Jane Fonda's Elegant Curls

This haircut of Jane Fonda is timeless. The flowing line of the style and the natural hair color result in this mesmerizing haircut.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_59

45. Two-level Layers

With shoulder-length hair, you can create various layers. Like this one, cut your hair into two levels. The feathery shorter layers along with the beige hair color liven up the whole style.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_60

46. Julianne Moore's Reddish Copper Hair

Copper hair color can be so gorgeous! Even with no layers and no unique style, the whole look is head-turning.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_61

47. Platinum Blonde Bob

If you love a simple hairstyle, choose this one. With the choppy ends and platinum blonde highlights, this haircut can take years off your face.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_62

48. Beige Lob With Layers

This lob looks suave and casual with the choppy layers. The beige color brings a youthful air to the whole style.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_63

49. Cute Curls With Highlights

A straight bob may look plain. If you want to go a little further, create many cute curls. The blonde highlights can be the finishing touch.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_64

50. Feathery Layers

This feminine bob looks enticing and flirty. With the feathered layers flow to the back, the movement of the hairstyle is increased. Add some brown highlights to finish the entire look.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_65

51. Lob With Fawn Hues

As stylists always mentioned, layers are versatile for different hairstyles. Create side bangs to frame your face shape and add fawn highlights to make the whole look playful.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_66

52. Blonde With Two-level Layers

Feathered two-level layers are ravishing. Along with the shining blonde hair color, this look is given a whole new meaning.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_67

53. Bob With Blonde Highlights

If you want to take the plunge to try something that can make you look younger, blonde highlights may help. With the bright color, you can definitely give your hair a new lease of life.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_68

54. Short Curly Layers

The short layers can increase the volume visually. And, with the curls and darker roots, the style oozes elegance.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_69

55. Sleek Bob With Feathered Bangs

Cut your hair ends in one length to create a clean and simple style. Add some feathery bangs to frame your face shape.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_70

56. Reddish Pixie

If you prefer simple and refreshing haircuts, this can be the right one. The reddish color can liven up the style. It needs almost no maintenance.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_71

57. Burgundy Bob

If you don't like plain colors, choose burgundy. It matches any skin color. Also, this short bob needs little maintenance.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_72

58. Choppy Pixie With Platinum Blonde

Create shape layers to make the pixie more dimensional. The platinum blonde looks ravishing and vivacious.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_73

59. Orange Hues With Layers

Orange color is a little bold for older women but it can be age-defying. Create feathery layers to finish the style.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_74

60. Curly Bob With Red Highlights

Big curls can happen on short hair. The soft and sassy curls work perfectly with red highlights.

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Women Over 50_75
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