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Bride Invites Groom's Ex, Then Things Went Downhill

For most people, inviting their partner's ex to the wedding party isn't a wise choice. However, this wasn't the case for bride-to-be Katie Musser. What on earth happened on her big day? Scroll down to find the answer.

1. How Did Everything Start?

Early in 2013, Katie and Jeremy Musser first met each other in college and began dating. Everything seemed perfect, but that would soon change. Actually, there was something important that Jeremy didn't tell Katie. A few weeks later, Jeremy decided to reveal the truth, and it would definitely change their future life.


2. The Truth

It turned out that Jeremy had a son, Landon, and the kicker was that he was only three weeks old! The couple had been together for only six weeks, so it meant that she'd been in the dark for three weeks after the baby's birth. Honestly speaking, receiving such news would be quite a bombshell in any blossoming romance. Eventually, Katie tried her best to calm down and then wrote back, saying, "Omg that's so exciting!" From there, she began to learn more about the backstory between Jeremy and his ex-girlfriend, Casey Bender.


3. A Matter of Trust

Jeremy explained that before he and Katie began dating, his relationship with Casey had already ended. However, he had now become a father and that meant his son would forever be a driving force in his life. Katie struggled a lot during that time because she didn't want to give up on Jeremy. It was a matter of trust. For Casey, she felt upset and sad when Jeremy had moved on with new girlfriend, Katie. You’d imagine that the two women did not get along. But still, there was one thing the two women had in common. What was it?


4. The Wake-Up Call

It was Landon that tied them together. Their roles in the baby's life were different, but both women had been there for him since he was a newborn. For Katie, she loved Landon as much as she did Jeremy. For Casey too Landon was a top priority as well. So, Katie wanted to be able to trust Jeremy fully and look forward, especially since she saw that Jeremy and Landon would be in her life for the long term. Coincidentally, Landon was about to have his first birthday, and Katie's next action was totally unexpected.


5. From Foes To Friends

As Landon's first birthday was getting closer, Katie decided to stop struggling and do something right. She asked Jeremy for Casey's phone number and reached out to Casey. Finally, the two women spoke to each other. At first, it was not easy, but Katie told Casey everything that was on her mind. As time passed, the conversation between Katie and Casey turned in another direction. "We bonded on so many more levels than just Landon. And we realized we had more in common than we didn't," Casey said. "At the time, I thought we would be able to be cordial and co-parent." However, another person would enter the picture who would again change the picture.


6. Tensions Between The Fathers

When Casey married a man named Tyler in 2015, tensions increased again. Katie and Casey hoped their male partners could do likewise, but both Tyler and Jeremy couldn't forget the past. One night, Jeremy made a move to end the tension by sending Tyler a message that shocked Katie. Jeremy thanked Tyler for being there for Landon and Casey. And he saw both of them as fathers to Landon. Then, Jeremy decided to invite Tyler for drinks. However, the two didn't go for that drink together and didn't make additional plans either. Maybe later?


7. Wedding Day Nerves

As went by, Katie and Jeremy's bond grew stronger and stronger, and the couple eventually set their wedding date for September 23, 2017. However, when Katie was writing her vows, she found that something was missing. Then she realized what the missing piece was and began to prepare a secret plan for her big day. The day finally came. As Katie was ready to step down the aisle, she found herself extremely nervous, because she knew what she was going to do.


8. The Unexpected Address

As the ceremony began beautifully, Katie took out her notes and began to recite her promises. She hadn’t even told Jeremy or indeed anyone about her plan. Then, the wedding official called for Casey and Tyler to stand. As the couple stood up, everyone held their breaths, and Katie nervously held back the tears. To everyone's surprise, Katie began to address Casey and her husband, Tyler. "First, I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend and allowing me to be a part of Landon's life. I promise to be an amazing mother to your son. I will guide, teach and love him every single day. I promise to respect, work, listen and communicate together as co-parents. I love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family, always." However, she wasn't finished yet.


9. A Tear-Jerking Promise

Then, Katie called Landon over, bent down to her four-year-old step-son and read her "vows" with emotion, "I promise to stand by you, listen to you and love you every day. I promise to love Daddy with all my heart. I promise to be a best friend to mommy and your daddy Tyler. We will be one big family that I promise you will have for the rest of your life." When Katie finished, she and Landon hugged, and the whole party was sniffling with emotion. After the wedding, Katie gave an explanation for her actions.


10. Saving Grace

Though the past four years had been tough for Katie, she made it through because of Casey and Landon. She even described Landon as "the beat to our heart. The little guy who not only changed our routines and norms, but he changed us. Giving us patience, understanding, and love." She then added, "Casey and Landon opened me up to so many situations. I could never show them how much it means to me." So, Katie did all this to show her gratitude. Still, their story wasn’t finished.


11. Going Viral

A year later, Katie posted photos and a video about her and Jeremy's unforgettable wedding to Facebook, which went viral unexpectedly. Viewers who watched their story were barely able to get through it with a dry eye. As for Katie, she hoped that her story could encourage people who were involved in co-parenting to communicate with family and to have love and respect on all sides. And where are this big family today?


12. They Finally Got That Drink

Nowadays, the two couples live three hours apart, and the women have arranged perfect visitation schedules. They agree that Landon's best interests are their priority. As for the two fathers, they also came to a positive understanding. On the night of the wedding, Tyler told Jeremy they should grab that drink they never got around to getting. Later, Katie told the Daily Mail, "We finally made it and Jeremy told me that it would have never got to that point if Casey or I didn't fight as hard as we did." So, how's Landon?


13. The Fun Never Stops

In 2017, Tyler and Casey expanded their family and welcomed another son, Jax Tyler. From then on, Landon not only gained two loving step-parents but also was blessed with his very own brother. It turned out that Landon and Jax Tyler do share a strong brotherly bond. No matter what they are doing, whether playing board games, eating food, reading books, painting, or just snuggling, they spend quality time together. When Landon is spending time with Katie and Jeremy, it is also full of joy, especially when they get to paint and decorate Halloween pumpkins.


14. Spreading The Love

The reason Katie's story went viral was because of the positive awareness about and insight into "blended families." Her story continues to inspire those who read and hear about it, and also, she receives a lot of positive feedback herself, reinforcing how important it is to share these kinds of stories with the world. One comment goes like this, "We need more Katie's in this world & I hope your story finds its way to more people (like me) that need to hear it."

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