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These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly

Sally Jessy Raphael – Age 86

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Having spent almost 20 years hosting her show called Sally on TV, Sally Jessy Raphael is now 86 years old and has been living out her retirement with her hard-earned $40 million fortune! The last time we saw her was when she interviewed the Television Academy Foundation in 2019.

Sally had 2 children with her ex-husband, one of whom passed away, and has adopted one with Karl Soderlan, who also passed away in 2020. Despite her troubles, she’s been putting in an effort when it comes to taking care of herself, as she looks amazing.

Cheryl Ladd – Age 69

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The saying “Once an angel, always an angel” couldn’t fit the beautiful Cheryl Ladd any better. She became famous after appearing in the TV show Charlie’s Angels, and she remained true to her moniker by never losing her angel-like physical attributes.

Still acting today, Ladd’s not considering retirement anytime soon. It’s hard enough to keep working at the age of 69, but Ladd is not only still pulling convincing performances in movies such as Unforgettable and Camera Store. She’s also doing so while looking gorgeous! Her secret? Maintaining a balanced diet, doing some Zumba classes, and walking the dog out every morning.

Christina Applegate – Age 49

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Whether it’s the ’80s or 2021, one thing’s for sure: Christina Applegate will make you laugh and also make your heart beat faster. There are plenty of pretty faces in the comedy world, but the lovely Applegate may be the prettiest of them all.

From her Married… with Children breakthrough to her hilarious supporting role in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Applegate has kept both her good looks and her acting talent. And she did it all while also being a survivor. In 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, a dreadful disease she was able to beat in less than a year.

Erika Eleniak – Age 51

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It takes someone special to rock the red swimsuit in the Baywatch TV series, especially considering people like Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff were also part of the cast. But to the stunning Erika Eleniak, being among the world’s hunkiest actors wasn’t intimidating at all; in fact, it felt right.

Many things have changed in Eleniak’s life since her Baywatch days. But not the fact that she can feel proud of herself anytime she takes a look at the mirror. Now 51, she continues to work as an actress and has recently appeared in the TV series Desperate Housewives and the movie Boone: The Bounty Hunter.

Brooke Shields – Age 56

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Not many people can brag about making the movie critics raise their eyebrows at the age of 12. But Brooke Shields is not your typical child actress. By the time she debuted in 1978’s Pretty Baby, she was just a young girl, but she managed to pull off an incredibly tough role anyway.

Two years later, she appeared in The Blue Lagoon, and everybody felt struck by how beautiful she looked. Today, over 40 years later, she continues to cause the same impression on everyone who meets her. With beautiful eyes and natural thick eyebrows, she’s making her 56’s look like the new 30 years-old.

Vanna White – Age 65

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Vanna White has been part of The Wheel of Fortune game show since 1983. She’s 65 at the moment, yet it looks as though she stopped aging once she hit 50! According to her past interview with Woman to Woman, that’s partly because she works out at least six days a week!

Of course, her $70-million net worth must have helped her afford the best products and cosmetics out there. Since 2012, White has been married to John Donaldson. She had two children with her ex-husband, George Santo Pietro, in the ‘90s. In 2021, she also got to co-host the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

Bridget Fonda – Age 57

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When we see the last name, ‘Fonda,’ we think ‘gorgeous.’ And we’re not mistaken. Even though Bridget Fonda is not as famous as her aunt Jane, she seems to show the same prowess to age gracefully. Away from the acting world since 2002, she hasn’t retired from one thing: looking incredible!

You don’t need a time machine to see Bridget looking her best, but you need to go back in time to watch some of her most memorable performances. Before stepping away in 2002, Fonda appeared in movies such as The Godfather Part III and TV shows such as 21 Jumpstreet and The Chris Isaak Show.

 Ralph Macchio – Age 59

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Any The Karate Kid movie fan definitely remembers Ralph Macchio for his portrayal of Daniel. At that time, Ralph was in his 20s, so naturally, we can’t help but wonder what he’s been up to. It turns out that he’s never stopped acting or looking good!

Ralph’s been mostly playing in series these years. He’s been in The Deuce, and as of 2018, he’s playing Daniel LaRusso on Cobra Kai. Ralph’s been married to Phyllis Fierro since after the second Karate Kid was released. He’s had two children with her; a daughter and a son.

Meredith Baxter – Age 74

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Speaking of Family Ties, we couldn’t, of course, leave out Meredith Baxter. Hers might not have been a leading role in the series, but she did gain much recognition through it. Meredith was born in 1947. She’s been married four times, divorced three, and even had five children! Through it all, she’s always looked her absolute best.

Meredith herself is a breast cancer survivor, so we weren’t surprised to see her raising funds for research through her Meredith Baxter Simple Works skincare line. Her products seem to be having an effect too, as she looks fantastic in her 70s. In 2020 she’s set to play in Christmas on the Vine.

Jolene Blalock – Age 46

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There are many beautiful women over 40 out there, but few are as impressive as the gorgeous Jolene Blalock. She will always be remembered for her breakthrough role as Commander T’Pol in the Star Trek: Enterprise TV series. But she’s been acting successfully ever since, and she hasn’t lost a bit of her beauty.

Proving that she can only get better and better, Blalock is a gym fanatic, at least judging by her statuesque body and incredibly sharp abs. And believe it or not, this unbelievably fit 46-year-old woman has been a mother on three occasions.

David Boreanaz – Age 52

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We may know David Boreanaz as a detective in the popular show Bones or as a Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes in the series SEAL Team. But he was an even bigger deal in the late ’90s and early 2000 thanks to his role in a popular show.

During this period, he played Angel, a vampire in Buffy The Vampire Slayer that Buffy doesn’t actually want to slay. He even got his own spinoff for the character aptly named Angel. He recently appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show, looking as good as he did in Angel. This is mostly down to his training routine.

Pauley Perrette – Age 52

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The “punk-rocker” Pauley Perrette doesn’t have to dress girly to make every man sigh. Proving that you don’t need to like Barbie dolls to know how to take good care of yourself, this tomboy American actress is still looking gorgeous past the age of 50.

Working as an actress, singer, writer, and civil rights advocate, the beautiful and talented Perrette is best-known for her role as Abby Sciuto in NCIS. She left the show in 2018 to join Broke, a one-season 2020 TV series in which Perrette plays one of the leading roles.

Nicollette Sheridan – Age 58

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British-born actress Nicollette Sheridan started out as a fashion model but quickly made a name for herself in the acting game with a role in the short-lived soap opera Paper Dolls. But she really gained fame in Knotts Landing as Paige Matheson.

Her star really took off however when she landed the role of Edie Britt in the popular drama series Desperate Housewives. Besides her TV work, she is also a businesswoman who founded Biolumière Organics, an all-natural anti-aging moisturizer that explains why she looks so young. She still acts, though, and has a role in an upcoming film called The Chameleon.

Shannen Doherty – Age 50

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Shannen Doherty has a long list of popular shows and films she’s starred in. She was also still young when she started out and had a role in Little House On The Prairie when she was 11. She also had parts in Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Heathers, and Our House.

Sheh continued to prosper in the ’90s, most notably for her roles in the series Beverly Hills, 90210 and its spinoffs (90210 and BH90210). She was also critically acclaimed for her role in the hit series Charmed. She hasn’t been very active recently but announced that her breast cancer, which went into remission, returned in 2020.

Elizabeth Hurley – Age 56

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Elizabeth Jane Hurley might have captured our attention in the ’90s when she was dating Hugh Grant, but she’s equally known for her incredible talent. Four Weddings and a Funeral is the film that gained her international success. Hurley has also worked extensively with Estee Lauder, and they gave her her first modeling gig when she was 29.

Hurley runs an eponymous beachwear collection that she launched in 2005 at Harrods. She also designed a capsule collection for MANGO featuring 12 swimsuits that she modeled as well. You wouldn’t believe that she’s 54, and she told Women’s Health Magazine that it’s all about hydration, ditching processed food, and mindful eating.

Claudia Schiffer – Age 50

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Nothing spells quality like the words ‘Made in Germany,’ and such certainly applies to Claudia Schiffer. Back when the term supermodel was still a novelty, she made it to the group of catwalk idols who banked millions every year due to their worldwide fame and appeal.

At the age of 50, Schiffer is now worth an estimated $60 million. In her curriculum, she counts with over 1,000 magazine covers (a world record), numerous collaborations with the world’s top fashion brands, and a handful of movie appearances. And to top it all, she still looks like she could grace the runway.

Elisabeth Shue – Age 57

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From The Karate Kid to Back to the Future and Piranha 3D, Elisabeth Shue has proved that her talent is every bit as timeless as her beauty is! She was born in Delaware back in 1963, October. Today she is in her 50s and has never stopped acting.

As a matter of fact, in 2020, she played alongside Tom Hanks in the Greyhound film. Elisabeth arguably gets prettier as time goes by. She is worth around $12.5 million right now. She’s been married to Davis Guggenheim since 1994 and has had three children with him.

Melinda Messenger – Age 50

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Melinda Messenger was working a cozy job as a customer service manager for a local marketing firm. She oversaw 50 employees and was good at what she does. Then she decided one day that she wanted to become a model, and her whole career path changed.

To become a model, her agent advised that she enhance her breasts. She eventually starred in a campaign for a glass company showcasing in nothing by underwear behind a window. The campaign would be pulled after public complaints. She would dabble in TV with shows like Eurotrash and Melinda’s Big Night. In 2021 she was a contestant on the gameshow House of Games.

Maria Whittaker – Age 52

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Maria Whitaker gained notoriety as a British tabloid page three girl. She made her debut in 1985, at 16, in the British tabloid The Sun. She became one of the most popular glamour models in the industry thanks to her natural bust size and curvaceous figure.

Her popularity would see her delving into music and TV, although her musical endeavors tanked after she started a group called Rhythm Zone, with her own vocals. Her movies include Whoops Apocalypse and the thriller Tank Malling. She would eventually return to glamour modeling and featured in a 2020 documentary called Page Three: The Naked Truth.

Teri Hatcher – Age 56

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The gorgeous Teri Hatcher is the embodiment of the American dream. Born out of a well-educated Californian family, she performed as an NFL cheerleader before making a name for herself as an actress. In the ’90s, she “made-out” with the likes of Superman and James Bond in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and in the 007 movie, Tomorrow Never Dies.

In 2004, Hatcher enjoyed a comeback after being cast for the popular TV show, Desperate Housewives. A mother of one herself, Hatcher has climbed the ladder to become one of the most beloved female actresses in the U.S., all while maintaining her irresistible good looks.

Lisa Bonet – Age 53

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The Crosby Show hasn’t aged particularly well. Not precisely due to its content, but because of the foul actions of its main star. But while Bill Crosby has lost all of its once-praised comedic charms, the same hasn’t happened to the woman who played Denise Huxtable.

If anything, actress Lisa Bonet has become even more beautiful and powerful-looking. Still working in movies and TV shows, Bonet has continued to steal the show away with her fierce attitude and striking looks. And it’s no surprise she has caught the eye of some of the world’s most-wanted hunks: first the singer Lenny Kravitz, and now the actor/model Jason Momoa.

Debbie Harry – Age 76

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Back in the mid-70s, Debbie Harry was the lead singer of the coolest band in the coolest city in the world. New York’s own Blondie was a new wave musical sensation that topped the charts, and that continues to perform live today, after a 1997 comeback.

But while ’80s tunes are now mainly praised for their nostalgic value, Harry has continued to be a rock & roll icon. In this ever-changing world, it’s not easy to stay cool for two years, but Harry has managed to keep her cool for over five decades! And it’s not just her style that stayed the same: her looks have also resisted the passing of time.

Goldie Hawn – Age 75

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In 2017, notorious actress and blonde bombshell Goldie Hawn came out of a 15-year hiatus to appear in the comedy film Snatched. And guess what? She looked nothing like she was 15-years older… The former Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In star is yet another gorgeous celebrity to whom age is nothing but a number!

Her good looks, even at 75, are pretty self-explanatory. But did you know that Hawn is also a kind-hearted woman who loves to help those in need? In 2003, she founded the Hawn Foundation to help underprivileged children, proving that she’s not only beautiful on the outside.

Veronica Hamel – Age 77

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Veronica Hamel has aged well, and we only wish she would give the rest of us some pointers. The 77-year-old worked as both an actress and a model during her career that lasted nearly four decades.

Some of her best television performances were in Hill Street Blues, Philly, and Third Watch. Whereas on the big screen, she worked on films like A New Life and Taking Care of Business. When Hamel’s six-year-long run as Margo Shephard came to an end in 2010, most of her fans had no idea that it would be the last of her work.

Nicole Kidman – Age 54

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Australia may be known for its beautiful landscapes and cosmopolitan urban centers, but the best Aussie export of all-time has got to be the ever-impressive Nicole Kidman. She became a global icon after appearing in movies such as Batman Forever and Eyes Wide Shut, and 20 years later, she continues to be one of the world’s most relevant female actresses.

It certainly helps that, as the years go by, Kidman seems to be getting better and better. And we’re not talking only about her acting. It’s her looks that strike us the most, especially considering this vibrant blonde stunner has just celebrated her 53rd anniversary.

Charo – Age 70

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Charo may have risen to fame in the U.S., working in television shows such as The Love Boat and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Carson. But her unmistakable charm is 100% Spanish. Not only is she a skilled flamenco guitarist, trained by the legendary Andrés Segovia himself, but she’s also a full-blown Múrcia flower with a great Spanglish accent.

From the sunny city of Múrcia to the world, the now 70-years-old bombshell has recently appeared on the season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. And guess what? Her seductive ways and sensational looks still make us think of the “cuchi-cuchi” girl.

Jessica Lange – Age 72

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Jessica Lange’s stellar performances have earned her an award from just about every competitive film body in existence, and that’s how she earned herself the Triple Crown recognition. Lange has graced our screens from the ’40s, and her repertoire of works includes American Horror Story and King Kong.

Lange might be 72, but she’s still hard at work within the industry. She practices Buddhism and Lange is also a vegetarian. She’s also shared that the sense of discipline she gets from Buddhism helped her overcome bouts of depression in the past.

Nancy McKeon – Age 55

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The late ’70s/’80s NBC sitcom The Facts of Life is where Nancy Justine McKeon earned prominence appearing as Jo Polniaczek. McKeon went on to star in Can’t Hurry Love, and she also participated in the 27th season of the dancing competition show Dancing with the Stars. 

It isn’t surprising that McKeon has served as an inspiration for hairstyles over the years because she does have a mane full of luscious locks. She’s now 54 and shares two children with Marc Andrus, a film technician. McKeon also continues working, and in 2020 she lent her voice to the animated TV series Animaniacs.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Age 63

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Michelle Marie Pfeiffer ventured into acting in 1978 when she had a lead in Grease 2. She proved her versatility when she featured in the 1983 crime film Scarface. From playing Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992), Pfeiffer made her debut as Janet Van Dyne in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films.

Pfeiffer served as Giorgio Armani’s face for their spring campaign in 2005. In 2019, Pfeiffer launched Henry Rose, a fragrance collection. Pfeiffer is 63, and she says that what she eats has helped her maintain a youthful glow. She told Piers Morgan that she’s a vegan and praised the anti-aging benefits that come with it.

Kelly LeBrock – Age 61

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Kelly LeBrock’s first acting stint was her appearance in the 1984 film The Woman in Red. It led to more starring roles in Hard to Kill and Weird Science. LeBrock also has a history of modeling, starting at the age of 16, and she had her breakthrough when she appeared in a 24-page Vogue magazine spread. 

LeBrock was previously married to Steven Seagal, and they share two children. She’s currently married to her third husband, Fred Steck, who is a retired investment banker. At 61 years old, LeBrock isn’t about to quit the industry, and we most recently saw her in Charlie Boy (2019).

Lucy Lawless – Age 53

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Lucille “Lucy” Frances Lawless is best known for starring in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess as the title character. She also featured in Battlestar Galactica, Parks and Recreation, and Salem. She has a voice role in the upcoming 2021 animated film Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Lawless is 53, and she’s keeping the youthful glow as she ages. Beyond the screen, Lawless consumes her time with activism efforts. She is a Greenpeace climate ambassador for their “Sign On” campaign. She shares a child with her first husband, Garth Lawless, and two sons with her current husband, Robert G. Tapert.

Lynda Carter – Age 70

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Lynda Jean Cordova Carter is a former Miss World USA, and she finished in the top 15 at the Miss World 1972 pageant. Carter now also acts and sings. She is best known for her role in the CBS live-action series Wonder Woman (1975 to 1979). She rejoined DC Comics/Warner Bros in The CW series Supergirl. 

Carter is 70, and in 2014, she shared some of her age-defying tips with The New York Times. She drinks plenty of water and keeps her night-time meals to a minimum. Exercise is the main activity she turns to help her stay in shape and keep from being overtired while on the road.

Raquel Welch – Age 81

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The ’60s and ’70s were kind to Raquel Welch because that’s when she achieved A-list status. Most of us might remember her from One Million Years B.C (1966), where she iconically donned a two-piece doe-skin swimsuit. The apparel even made it to Time’s Top Ten Bikinis list, and Welch had a hand in wearing it well.

Welch has turned to cosmetic procedures over the years to maintain her looks, and at 81, she looks incredible for her age. She divulged that she hasn’t gone overboard with the procedures and has kept it to the regular Botox injections to keep the frown lines at bay.

Sharon Stone – Age 63

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Sharon Stone started her career in the world of TV commercials and print modeling before making a shift to acting. Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories marked her screen debut, and she’s since featured in several productions, including Catwoman and The Disaster Artist.

62 looks incredibly great on Stone, and she doesn’t do much for it, as she told the New York Times. Her skincare routine is locked down to washing her face when she wakes up, and she only uses water for that aspect. Stone cares for her tresses by giving herself an occasional cut, but she turns to Kacey Welch if she feels like she needs some color.

Penélope Cruz – Age 47

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_35

Penelope Cruz is 47, but we wouldn’t peg her for a day over 30. She joined the modeling industry at 15 and transitioned into action at 16. Cruz is still going strong with recent appearances in Wasp Network (2019) and upcoming roles in The 355 and Official Competition.

Cruz has teamed up with several clothing and beauty brands over the years, including her recent collaboration with Lancôme, aiming to fight illiteracy in Spain. Cruz has also served as the brand’s face since 2010, and she grew to fall in love with Grandiose from the brand’s collection of beauty-enhancing products.

Christy Turlington – Age 53

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Christy Turlington made her way under the spotlight in 1989 as part of the Calvin Klein Eternity campaign. She then had success in the world of modeling while setting up a variety of businesses in the background. Turlington is behind Sundari, an ayurvedic skincare line, and she also has two clothing collections to her name.

At 53, Turlington looks as fresh-faced as always, and it might have a thing to do with her nightly routine. She told Harper’s Bazaar that it takes her under five minutes to wash her face using Biotherm or Blue Therapy serum, and that’s it.

Courteney Cox – Age 57

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Courteney Cox won our hearts as one of the main stars of the beloved 90s sitcom Friends, where she played the part of Monica Geller. She has continued entertaining us in other productions like Scream, Mothers and Daughters, Cougar Town.

Age has caught up with Cox at 57, and she admitted that she turned to surgery to help her fix some kinks. She had fillers that drastically changed her look, but she eventually had them dissolved and chose to remain all-natural. Through it all, she maintains the welcoming yet piercing blue eyes that she’s famous for.

Charlotte Ross – Age 54

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Anyone who has watched Days of Our Lives (1987 to 1991) is familiar with Charlotte Ross, who portrayed the part of Eve Donovan. Ross made an even greater impression in NYPD Blue (2001 to 2004). Ross is 54, and she’s managed to keep her skin clear as well as look at least a decade younger.

She told Parade that she sticks to clean eating and stays away from white, processed foods. She also lives by the old “apple a day” adage. Drinking plenty of water is what gives her the enviable skin glow coupled with Creme De La Mer, and at night she switches to a low-grade retinol cream.

Nancy Allen – Age 71

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In the 1976 horror film Carrie, Nancy Allen played one of the high-school bullies, and she did so to perfection. She ended up marrying the movie’s director Brian De Palma and landing a couple of high-profile roles in films such as Robocop and Poltergeist III.

Three divorces later, Allen decided to retire from acting in 2008, only to make a comeback in 2012 to narrate the documentary Bound by Flesh. Now 71-years-old, Allen has seen her lush brown hair turn white. Still, she hasn’t lost a hint of the natural charm that has always characterized her.

Samantha Fox – Age 55

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_40

Fox is her name, and foxy she is. The British beauty icon Samantha Fox got famous during the pin-up girl era, in which many beautiful women made it to the pages of the tabloid The Sun. During the ’80s, she was one of the most photographed people in the world, which helped to launch her successful singing career.

When Fox grew tired of posing for magazines, she decided to leave her modeling career to become a pop princess. In 1986, she landed a number-one hit. Later, she made it to the small screen, working as a TV producer, and making special appearances in numerous reality-shows.

We certainly cannot imagine anyone else but Joyce DeWitt playing the memorable Janet Wood in ABC’s hit-show Three’s Company. But even though she worked hard to make it to the 170 episodes of the long-running show, she has proved over and over to be much more than a one-trick pony.

Joyce DeWitt – Age 72

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_41

We certainly cannot imagine anyone else but Joyce DeWitt playing the memorable Janet Wood in ABC’s hit-show Three’s Company. But even though she worked hard to make it to the 170 episodes of the long-running show, she has proved over and over to be much more than a one-trick pony.

Besides having a respectable acting career, DeWitt has managed to captivate her fans by presenting herself as a beautiful and seductive woman. Always boasting her characteristic short hair, not even a 2009 arrest was able to shake DeWitt’s solid reputation as a natural charmer.

Stockard Channing – Age 77

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_42

Aging gracefully is not always about keeping your girly, youngish looks. In some cases, it’s a matter of keeping a positive spirit and maintaining a fighting attitude. Such certainly applies to Stockard Channing, an actress who remains as fierce and confident as she was when she first became famous.

You probably know her from the teenage super-hit Grease, in which she played the bad-mouthed Betty Rizzo to perfection. Just like Betty, Channing may look a little rough around the edges on occasion, but that’s simply part of her charm. At the age of 77, she still looks like a woman who’s up for any challenge, and we love that!

Danica Patrick – Age 39

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_43

Danica Patrick was born to be behind the wheel. She started karting at the age of 10, and in 2008 she became the first woman to win an IndyCar Series race. Ten years later, she retired with a 116-races record, which included seven podiums and three poles. Patrick’s one of the most successful professional female drivers of all-time.

But since there’s more to life than races and fast cars, Patrick has made a few headlines for other reasons, namely her good looks and charming personality. It’s no wonder she caught the eye of Aaron Rodgers, a Green Bay Packers quarterback she began dating in 2018.

Nia Peeples – Age 59

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_44

As a young girl, Nia Peeples was an ’80s double-threat: she was not only a thriving dance music singer but also a remarkable actress. After appearing in the hit-show Fame, she became a household name, with fans highlighting both her acting skills and inspiring style.

A few decades later, Peeples has focused mostly on her acting career, appearing in shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, and Pretty Little Liars. But above all, she has managed to keep her good looks. Her beauty secret is reportedly “loving herself,” and that’s hardly an issue when you look this good at the age of 59.

Sheree J. Wilson – Age 62

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_45

With a beautifully-shaped jaw and a glamorous quality to her, Sheree J. Wilson managed to become a beauty icon by merely being herself. Her acting skills, of course, have helped a lot. She managed to conquer the hearts of the audience by appearing in hit-shows such as Dallas and Walker, Texas Ranger.

Now a gorgeous 62-year-old woman, Wilson has continued to act and has decided to also work as a producer and businesswoman. In the 2020 drama, Flip Turn, she played a ‘Grandma,’ and she did so convincingly even though she doesn’t have the wrinkles for the part.

Jackie Swanson – Age 58

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_46

The fabulous blonde Jackie Swanson made a name for herself after portraying Kelly Gaines in the long-running TV sitcom Cheers. In the meantime, she was in numerous movies, including The People Next Door and The Golden Girls.

In 2007, Swanson decided to retire early from acting. But she hasn’t given up on taking good care of herself. At the age of 58, Swanson still looks excellent, and she’s the envy of many much-younger women. Swanson’s also a face every American can trust, and that’s why she appeared in so many commercials over the years, mainly promoting car brands such as Hummer, Ford, and General Motors.

Tatum O’Neal – Age 57

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_47

When you break all records by winning an Academy Award at the age of 10, what’s left for you to do? That’s something Tatum O’Neal had to think about after her breakthrough 1973 performance in Paper Moon, a movie in which she shared the set with her father, the American actor/boxer Ryan O’Neal.

O’Neal decided to continue acting, and even though she hasn’t made it to the Oscars ever since, she’s had a respectable career both in movies and television. In the meantime, she struggled with substance addiction, but it doesn’t show at all! At the age of 57, O’Neal still looks great.

Rebecca De Mornay – Age 61

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_48

American actress/producer Rebecca De Mornay is redefining the way a 61-year-old woman looks by boasting her gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes on the red carpet. And she doesn’t look that different from the young girl who made a name for herself after starring in the 1983 movie Risky Business…

De Mornay’s breakthrough role got her praise from the critics and the audience and allowed her to appear in countless movies and TV shows over the years. Still acting today, De Mornay has recently starred in the Marvel-produced Netflix series, Jessica Jones.

Karen Allen – Age 69

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_49

What’s truly impressive about Karen Allen’s looks is that she seems like she’s not even trying. A beautiful girl-next-door-type with lovely freckles and a characteristic smile, Allen aged so flawlessly that she still looks like someone who could grab the eye of an adventurous explorer like Indiana Jones.

But make no mistake: this stunning actress, who still appears regularly in movies, is 69 years old! We know, we’re in awe as well. How can someone who looks like she has just turned 40 be almost 30 years older? Let’s just say that, for women like Allen, age is nothing but a number.

Jami Gertz – Age 55

These Celebs Have Aged Flawlessly_50

When you have the looks, the talent, and the money, what’s left for you to conquer? The gorgeous actress/sports investor Jami Gertz got famous after appearing in the ’80s TV series, Square Pegs. But today, she’s mainly known for being the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA franchise she manages alongside her billionaire husband, Anthony Ressler.

With a lot of responsibility in hand, Gertz still finds some spare time to appear in movies and TV shows. But what’s most impressive about her is how good she looks at the age of 55! They say working hard can take its toll, but that doesn’t show at all in Gertz’s impeccable skin.

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