These 23 Vinyl Records Are Worth A Combined Over $1.4 Million

The rarer the record, the more valuable. These vinyl records are real treasures brought back from the verge of extinction. Keep an eye out for one of these hidden gems and don’t bury them in your garage.

1. The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) (1968) - $790,000

This classic album undisputedly tops the list. Marked with the serial number "A0000001," this particular vinyl was the very first pressing of the beloved ninth album by "the fab four." Its first copy went to Ringo Starr, who kept it in a bank vault for 35 years, before selling it for a whopping $790,000. Copies with low serial numbers can also get a high price. In 2012, A0000023 was sold for $13,750.


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