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The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked

Shooting is the most crucial skill yet the most deceptively complicated act in basketball. Basketball players who are marksmen are highly-coveted in all teams. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, these superstars will impress you with their skills. Read on to see who are the best 20 3-point sharpshooters of all time!  

20. Allan Houston

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_1

Three-pointers made: 1,305 (46th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 3,247

Three-point percentage: 40.2%

It seems fitting that Houston has earned himself a spot on the list, considering his awesome 3-point shooting skills. With a 40 percent 3-point success rate being a highlight of his career, Houston was undoubtedly the Knicks' best outside scorer during their 90s deep playoff runs.

19. Dirk Nowitzki

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_2

Three-pointers made: 1,982 (11th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 5,210

Three-point percentage: 38.0%

Nowitzki is widely considered one of the greatest scorers of all time and a lot of it comes from his 3-point shooting. Standing at 7 feet tall, his high release point and deep range have given defenders fits ever since he's been in the league. No wonder he filled up the score sheet so quickly.

18. Jeff Hornacek

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_3

Three-pointers made: 828

Three-pointers attempted: 2,055

Three-point percentage: 40.3%

As New York's former head coach, Jeff Hornacek was also a dead-eye shooter during his career that spanned 14 seasons. Getting wide eyed looks from greats like John Stockton, Karl Malone, Tom Chambers and Kevin Johnson, Hornacek still made the shot again and again.

17. Mitch Richmond

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_4

Three-pointers made: 1,326 (44th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 3,419

Three-point percentage: 38.8%

Richmond was a prolific scorer as well as one of the best three-point bombers from every spot on the court. In his heyday, whether it was creating for himself, coming off screens, or firing away in transition, Richmond could do it all.

16. Chris Mullin

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_5

Three-pointers made: 815

Three-pointers attempted: 2,120

Three-point percentage: 38.4%

It's not for nothing that Mullin is considered the best shooter of the famed Run-TMC trio. As a sweet-shooting lefty famous for his lightning-quick release accompanied with a deep range, he could get his shot off whenever he wanted to.

15. Mark Price

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_6

Three-pointers made: 976

Three-pointers attempted: 2,428

Three-point percentage: 40.2%

Price regularly lit up scoreboards throughout his illustrious career. Sporting instinctive shooting from all spots on the court, he is the prime example of the best free-throw shooters in league history.

14. Craig Hodges

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_7

Three-pointers made: 563

Three-pointers attempted: 1,408

Three-point percentage: 40.0%

Hodges is arguably the most overlooked shooter in recent history. Though he wasn't quite as prolific of a shooter as others on this list, his three-peat in a contest that hosts the NBA's best shooters justifies his spot.

13. Steve Kerr

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_8

Three-pointers made: 726

Three-pointers attempted: 1,599

Three-point percentage: 45.4%

The only reason why Kerr isn't ranked higher on the list is due to his relative lack of attempts. Actually, he is by far the best 3-point shooter of all time and can boast the highest 3-point percentage ever. And there's no doubt that he had a feel for draining huge shots in clutch moments.

12. Larry Bird

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_9

Three-pointers made: 649

Three-pointers attempted: 1,727

Three-point percentage: 37.6%

Larry Bird's legit weapon, the 3-pointers, made him Kevin Durant before Kevin Durant. The way he made his shot, which uses his hip to create space, is unique and simply unmatchable. To his credit, he is the only player in NBA history to have multiple 50/40/90 seasons.

11. Glen Rice

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_10

Three-pointers made: 1,559 (26th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 3,896

Three-point percentage: 40.0%

Rice was a trailblazer for the 3-point shot back in the 90s. With a 6-foot-8 frame, it is easier for him to get a good look over smaller defenders. His excellent shooting even won him the All-Star record for most points in a quarter and a half in 1997.

10. J.J. Redick

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_11

Three-pointers made: 1,704 (21st all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 4,129

Three-point percentage: 41.3%

If you could choose only one NBA player who is good at draining shots from downtown, it would have to be Redick. Though he's not much of a defender, his 3-point shooting has always made him a highly sought-after player. 

9. Dale Ellis

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_12

Three-pointers made: 1,719 (20th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 4,266

Three-point percentage: 40.3%

Dale Ellis didn't shine brightly during his early years. However, he emerged as one of the best pure shooters after riding Dallas Mavericks' bench for three seasons. Quick as a hiccup and a high release point gave Ellis his advantage in shooting. He was the record-holder for the most points scored in a season by a Seattle Supersonic until 2009-2010.

8. Kyle Korver

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_13

Three-pointers made: 2,351 (4th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 5,478

Three-point percentage: 42.9%

Long before Korver learned defensive skills, he was only skilled in shooting. And he doesn't need much time or space before pulling the trigger. He set the record for the highest 3-point shooting percentage for a season (53.6%). Seemingly ageless, Korver has torched teams from the outside for over a decade and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. 

7. Klay Thompson

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_14

Three-pointers made: 1,798 (24th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 4,291

Three-point percentage: 41.9%

Thompson doesn't always get the credit he deserves because he's always overshadowed by Stephen Curry. But he is one of the greatest shooters in the league, who once scored 60 points on a mere 11 dribbles. His shot is very impressive, whether it is coming off screens or shooting off the bounce without setting his feet. 

6. Dražen Petrović

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_15

Three-pointers made: 255

Three-pointers attempted: 583

Three-point percentage: 43.7%

As a rising NBA star, Petrović blazed a trail for international players. Despite his brief playing time, he showcased his skills with his quick-trigger and high arc to the world. Sadly, his career ended prematurely when he tragically lost his life in a car accident.

5. Peja Stojaković

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_16

Three-pointers made: 1,760 (18th all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 4,392

Three-point percentage: 40.1%

Peja Stojaković was a versatile player whose sharpshooting skills made him stand out. He was an excellent foul shooter, consistent from inside the line, and an absolute sniper from beyond the arc. He would be perfectly suited for playing in the modern NBA. Long before teams relied on the triple that much, he was already making defenses pay with his all-net stroke.

4. Steve Nash

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_17

Three-pointers made: 1,685 (2nd all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 3,939

Three-point percentage: 42.8%

Here comes a bit of a late bloomer– Steve Nash. Even though he wasn't a volume scorer, he was one of the best 3-point shooters of all time. He was a 42.8% shooter from the 3-point lane and only had four seasons with a success rate of less than 40% from the three.

3. Reggie Miller

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_18

Three-pointers made: 2,560 (2nd all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 6,486

Three-point percentage: 39.5%

Miller was arguably the league's biggest menace from beyond 20 feet and an incredible clutch shooter. He had almost every 3-point shot related record until Ray Allen and Stephen Curry took him down. And you won't find his jump-shot in any textbooks – his elbow was flared out, he landed differently every time, and his letting-it-go release with both hands. It is simply unique.

2. Ray Allen

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_19

Three-pointers made: 2,973 (1st all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 7,429

Three-point percentage: 40.0%

Allen was indeed an all-round player, from defending top perimeter players to finishing around the basket in traffic. However, his career-defining moment came at its fag end, when he hit the most iconic 3-pointer in NBA Finals history against the Spurs in 2013. 

1. Stephen Curry

The Greatest 3-Point Shooters In NBA History, Ranked_20

Three-pointers made: 2,483 (3rd all-time)

Three-pointers attempted: 5,690

Three-point percentage: 43.6%

It may seem disrespectful to the great shooters who have played in the league before him, but the stats don't lie. Having broken almost every single 3-point related record, Curry now takes the throne as the best 3-point shooter of all time. His accurate 3-point shooting even forced the rest of the league to play to his tune.

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