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Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California

From bunking with a close friend in Los Angeles to finding work in order to become financially independent from the crown, the lives of Harry and Meghan have changed a lot. Read on to see what their new life in California looks like? And it may not be what you expect.  

1. They Lodged At Tyler Perry's Beverly Hills Mansion

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_1

Meghan and Harry reached out to their friend, Tyler Perry when they were house hunting in California. Due to their high profiles, they couldn't stay at a hotel, so Perry allowed them to hunker down in his $18 million Beverly Hills mansion. The estate had plenty of room for the small family with its eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

2. They Were Reportedly Still Paying Rent In London

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_2

Although the royal couple have moved to California, they still had to pay rent on their home in London. Considering the costs of the renovations that they had started before moving, they were reportedly paying $21,870 a month on their Frogmore Cottage home in Windsor Castle.

3. They Have Signed With A Speaking Agency

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_3

Leaving the royal family has allowed Meghan and Harry to have more time to themselves. Still, their professional interests and every move have also been scrutinized, so they have decided to sign with a speaking agency to help them in moderated discussions, and keynote speeches with trade associations, corporations and community forums.

4. They Made Good Use Of Their Kitchen

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_4

Moving to L.A. has been a relief for the couple, as they are able to live a much more normal life than they used to do. Not having a chef while they were staying in Perry's mansion, the couple often cooked meals together in the director's huge Tuscan kitchen, though they would sometimes order food from grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

5. They Celebrated Archie's Birthday In L.A.

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_5

Archie's first birthday was on May 6, so the couple celebrated his big day in L.A. Considering social distancing, his birthday was a homey, low-key affair. They celebrated in their borrowed mansion, with Meghan baking her baby son a strawberry cake and Harry helping with decorations and blowing up balloons. Well, it was a simple but incredibly joyous day.

6. They Moved To Santa Barbara

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_6

Meghan and Harry found their permanent California home in July. It is a nine-bedroom house which is located in Santa Barbara, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles. They have settled into their community quietly and hope there be mutual respect between their neighbors and their little family.

7. They Took Out A Mortgage

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_7

Meghan and Harry were serious when they decided to be financially independent from the Royal Family. Instead of getting Prince Charles financially involved in the cost of their $14 million Santa Barbara home, they chose to take out a mortgage. Though it seems intimidating, the two were confident about their investment.

8. They Signed A Netflix Deal

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_8

The couple landed a job soon after they stepped back from the Royal Family. In September, Meghan and Harry announced that they had signed a deal with Netflix. So over the next few years, the couple will create documentaries, feature films, make inspirational family programming and so on. 

9. They Paid Off Their Frogmore Cottage Renovation Debt

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_9

Harry and Meghan used $3 million of public money to renovate their home, Frogmore Cottage. Now they have reportedly paid off their debts to the Sovereign Grant. Though they are no longer living there, the cottage will be their official residence when they visit the U.K.

10. They Love In-N-Out Burger

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_10

All California residents love In-N-Out Burger, and so do the couple. In fact, they have apparently made it a tradition to stop by the burger joint every time they drive to Los Angeles. Once they dropped by the drive-thru, and the employees nearly lost their minds. Rumor has it, also, that Harry has already discovered the secret menu.

11. They Spoke About Black Lives Matter

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_11

As the Black Lives Matter movement swirls, Harry and Meghan also have voiced their support for the changes that the protesters are fighting for. In a video call with the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, the two spoke passionately about social inequality. "It's not just in the big moments. It's in the quiet moments where racism and unconscious bias lies and thrives," Meghan said.

12. Harry Designed A Necklace For Meghan's Birthday

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_12

On August 4, Meghan turned 39 years old. To celebrate his wife's birthday, Harry had a thoughtful day planned. They handed Archie over to his grandmother and spent a romantic evening alone, with Harry cooking her a three-course meal and giving her a necklace designed by himself. How enviable!

13. Prince William And Kate Middleton Have Photos Of Meghan And Harry

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_13

Rumor has it that the royal brothers have a long feud with each other. However, the rumor might be way off base. According to a Kensington Palace guest, William and Kate have framed photos of Harry and Meghan in their quarters, which proves they are still quite close.

14. Harry Wants To Teach Archie Rugby

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_14

Most dads think it's never too early to get kids into sports. In a Zoom call with the British rugby player Ellery Hanley to celebrate the league's 125th birthday, Harry said that he planned to teach Archie rugby as soon as possible. Since Archie is just starting to think about walking, it seems it will take some time before Harry's dream comes true.

15. Harry Celebrated His Birthday

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_15

Harry marked his 36th birthday quietly with his family on September 15. As Meghan usually thinks of something romantic to celebrate Harry's birthdays, such as when she recreated their Botswana camping adventures in their backyard last year, chances are she has thought of something lovely again this year.

16. They Donated In Honor Of Harry's Birthday

Inside Harry And Meghan's Brand New Life In California_16

Harry and Meghan are keen on their philanthropic causes, so they decided to make a hefty donation in honor of Harry's 36th birthday. They raised $129,000 via an online campaign for CAMFED to eradicate African poverty through girls' education and empowerment. Meanwhile, they donated an extra $130,000 as a bonus. Indeed, there's no better way to celebrate what really matters in life.

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