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This 13-Year-Old Boy Built His Own Tiny House And Only Spent $1,500

For most adults, having a house can be a big and difficult decision. To live in the average $300,000 houses, people who were not born rich either save for years or get a mortgage and spend decades paying it off. But this 13-year-old boy Luke Thill built his house completely on his own with only $1500! How did he do it?


1. A Bold Idea Came To His Mind In Summer

The school summer in Dubuque, Iowa was quite long. Luke Thill began feeling bored and wanted to do something. While browsing Youtube, he noticed several videos about “Tiny Houses.” This kind of home can meet all the needs of a regular-sized house but in a tiny package. He knew instantly that was what he wanted.


2. Was It Possible For A Boy?

After all, a 13 years-old boy was supposed to hang out with friends or play video games. Integrating all the resources to build a house didn’t sound like what Luke could do. To get things started, he asked his parents for help, who gave him some guidance and left the rest to him.


3. He Did All The Chores To Raise Money

Money mattered for Luke’s dream project. To get enough funds, our brave little boy chose to mow lawns, clean out garages and do other chores. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there’s a way. Luke saved any penny he could and raised $1500 at last!


4. He Used Reclaimed Items

The Tiny house idea goes hand in hand with the trend of minimalism that advocates simple living and recycling. While working for neighbors, Luke gathered lots of useful materials which neighbors were more than happy to part with.


5. Asking Neighbors For Help

Although there are many things that you can learn from a DIY video, sometimes, you still need an expert to help, for example, wiring a house for electricity. Luke not only worked for money, but also for exchanging expert services. You see it’s important to have some warm hearted neighbors.


6. Starting A Youtube Channel

Hearing that a young boy was going to build a house, Luke’s friends and people around the neighborhood were all very excited and curious. They kept asking Luke about his progress. Luke took the chance to start a Youtube channel so that people could be updated. Guess what happened next?


7. Media Attention

When one day Luke was called into the principal’s office, he was nervous and stressed. That usually only happens when a student had done something wrong. But that day turned out to be a good day for Luke because a local media outlet wanted to interview him and write a story. Luke was going to be famous!


8. Get Down To Business

Attention from neighborhoods and the media served as a great encouragement for Luke. The boy made up his mind to get the project completed. He did not have too much to worry with the $1500, necessary materials and extensive research.


9. A Small Setback

Luke wanted his tiny house to be different through a series of creative ideas. He first decided to make a DIY countertop using broken piece of colored glasses and glaze. But unfortunately the result was a disaster: the liquids leaked through the mold he used and it was difficult to clean up. For Luke, it was still a nice try though!


10. TinyFest

As his tiny home came into form, more and more people became interested in his project, and he became popular across the country. A representative at TinyFest even invited him to deliver a speech at the TinyFest Festival. Honour came one after another. But how about his house?


11. Is The House Livable

So far, Luke was near completing his project. This 87-square foot house has two floors and is almost fully furnished. But plumbing remained a problem because plumbing infrastructure proved too great a task. He finally decided to use the restroom in his family house.


12. First Night In The Tiny House

Luke couldn’t wait to spend one night in the house to check whether it was habitable or not. In a cold winter night, he slept in his new bed for the first time. The next morning, this hard-working boy happily announced that the house was warm enough to live in!


13. Completion!

Luke made a video tour of his completed house and uploaded it to his Youtube channel. The video got 7.5 million views and helped increased the channel’s subscribers to 16,000! Many viewers commented that Luke’s house had given them the inspiration to start their own project. Others shared what they do at Luke’s age.


14. A Place To Call His Own

The tiny house looked decent and beautiful outside, but like us you must be curious about its inside. Well, you’ll be impressed once you see it! The tiny home includes a kitchen, living area, dining area, and a separate bedroom, which is located upstairs.


15. Look Closer

If you step into the house, you’ll never believe your eyes. The kitchen is equipped with a small fridge, an electric stove top, and bottled water; the living room is decked out with a couch and a TV. Although Luke was not prepared to live in it, what happened next shocked him…


16. He Made The Front Page

Word of the completed tiny house spread like wildfire across the country. Luke made the front page of Des Moines Register and the Telegraph Herald! ABC’s show Good Morning America even reported him. People flow to Iowa to get a private tour of the house.


17. Inspiration And Admiration

People wondered why Luke decided to build the tiny house, Luke’s answer was very un-teenager-like. He stated that he “wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.” Wow!


18. Tiny T-Shirt

After the success of his tiny house, Luke headed into the online selling field. With a large group of fans and supporters rooting for him, Luke decided to release his own line of merchandise, with sweatshirts and T-shirts he designed himself.


19. Mistakes And Regrets

When asked about his overall experience of building the house, Luke said there were some regrets and mistakes. If he had the second chance, he would have done some things differently.

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