A Baby Elephant Was Abandoned By Its Herd, See What Saved Him

Elephants are incredibly intelligent and social animals. Most of the time they travel in herds, and if one member falls behind, they all fall behind to make sure that the individual is safe. However, this isn't always the case. When one member gets stuck, and they find nothing can be done, they choose to move on in order to keep the herd safe. That is exactly what happened to this helpless baby elephant, abandoned by his herd. But what saved this little creature will rock your minds! Keep reading to learn more of this warm-hearted tale.

1. It All Started At The Muddy Pond

This baby elephant lived with his family on the Addo Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa. It was a typical day for him like any other. The elephant herd was on the road and then stopped at a natural muddy pond to cool down and take a rest. The baby elephant began to play happily in the pool, but suddenly, he sank into the slippery banks of the pond and failed to get out. So, what would the herd do?


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