30 Luxury Cars Owned By Celebrities As Millionaires

For those celebs who have millions in their bank account, purchasing pricey and ostentatious cars seems to be a good way to highlight their distinguished status. Here is a list of 30 celebrities and their stunning vehicles, some of which cost as much as 10 houses!

1. Sean Connery’s Jensen C-V8, $3.7 Million


If you’re a big fan of 007 movies, you must know Sean Connery, who portrayed the role of James Bond for 7 films between 1962 and 1983. The Oscar-winning Scottish actor - who has a net worth up to $350 million - once owned a $3.7 million vintage Jensen C-V8 sports car in peacock green. It was recently listed for just $168,000 in The Jensen Museum. What a bargain!

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