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22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America

Behind every mega-rich man, there is a great woman. Most of these women behind America's richest men are not trophy wives or eye-candy. Instead, they have their own careers and lives. Check out these brilliant wives of the most famous billionaires in the US.

1. Melinda Gates - Bill Gates' Wife

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You must be very familiar with this heavyweight of the IT industry, but you may know little about his wife, Melinda. She was a former general manager for Microsoft and had a hand in developing products like Word, Publisher, and Works for Macintosh. With a combined net worth of $103.7 billion, the couple founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to enhance global healthcare.

2. Barbara Dalio - Ray Dalio's Wife

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It's not easy to be a full-time mom! Barbara Dalio has been married for over 40 years to Ray Dalio, who is an American billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist. Interestingly, Barbara is the descendant of sculptor Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, so she worked for a time at the Whitney Museum. Now she is a full-time mom and mainly focuses on her children's education.

3. Yvette Prieto - Michael Jordan's Wife

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Yvette Prieto is a Cuban-American model who works for Alexander Wang. She is the second wife of the basketball star Michael Jordan. Their heights are a perfect match with each other since Yvette is pretty much exactly 1 foot shorter than Jordan. Now she is the mother of twin daughters as well as Jordan's three children from his previous marriage.

4. Salma Hayek - Francois-Henri Pinault's Wife

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A gorgeous actress and producer, Salma Hayek is a regular on the big screen, but her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, has been kept a secret. Pinault is a billionaire, worth $30.7 billion. However, Salma is not totally in the shadow of her husband, instead, she is the spokesperson for some cosmetic brands and has accumulated $115M for her work in Hollywood.

5. Jessica Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld's Wife

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This couple always looks happy in public. Indeed, they have been married for decades even though Jessica is 17 years younger than Jerry Seinfeld, an actor and director. This talented and kind hearted wife has released four cookbooks and founded the GOOD+ Foundation, which provides essential items for families in need.

6. Priscilla Chan - Mark Zuckerberg's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_6

We could not be more familiar with this couple, who can be regarded as the king and queen in the world of social media. They met at Harvard University. Mark founded Facebook when he was still a student, and Priscilla became a pediatrician after graduation. Both are so successful and smart, that it's hard to say who attracted whom first. Their net worth together is about $67.4B.

7. Ricky Lauren - Ralph Lauren's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_7

If you like to wear polo shirts, you may know the name of Ralph Lauren, an American fashion designer and billionaire businessman. His wife, Ricky Lauren, is a psychotherapist, author, artist and photographer. As Ralph's "silent partner," Ricky has always accompanied him to many parties and events. Best wishes to them!

8. Padma Lakshmi - Salman Rushdie's Ex-Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_8

Novelist and essayist Salman married 28-year-old actress Padma when he was already 51. Padma is best known as the host of the Emmy-Award winning cooking competition program Top Chef. The beginning of their marriage was romantic, but the ending was dismal. In 2007, they divorced because of Padma's diagnosis of endometriosis.

9. Kate Capshaw - Steven Spielberg's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_9

It's common for an actress to marry a director even though it was their second marriage in this case. Interestingly, before being an actress, Kate was a special education teacher. But it seems she was a more talented actress and that was proven by her excellent performance in Spielberg's Indiana Jones franchise. They help each other in their work and life perfectly.

10. Serena Williams - Alexis Ohanian's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_10

This couple is a bit different. In this case the wife seems to be more famous than her husband. Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit and has a $70 million net worth. But Serena is more well known due to her title of being a former world No. 1 in women's single tennis and her staggering net worth of $180 million.

11. Amal Alamuddin - George Clooney's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_11

Look at this glamorous couple! Every time that they appear in public, they are undoubtedly the center of attention. George Clooney is a famous and handsome American actor and director. His wife Amal Alamuddin is a Lebanese-British barrister, specializing in international law and human rights. She is a very intelligent woman and teaches in law schools all over the world.

12. Susan Dell - Michael Dell's Wife

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Susan Dell is more well known as a philanthropist for establishing the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation with her husband Michael Dell, the chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies. Noteworthily, she also has also led some other lives, such as being the founder of a fashion label and also as a former athlete who participated in marathons, cycling events, and even triathlons.

13. Astrid Menks - Warren Buffet's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_13

Actually, Astrid Menks is Warren's second wife, who came from Latvia. They met each other at a cocktail bar where Astrid worked as a waitress. After Warren's first wife Susan died, they got married in 2006 and ended their 30-year affair. Now Astrid has also become a philanthropist, and they have a combined net worth of $85.4B.

14. Beyonce - Jay-Z's Wife

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It's hard to say who is more successful. Jay-Z is widely regarded as one of the most influential hip-hop artists in history and often cited as one of the greatest rappers of all time. His wife Beyonce, a superstar singer, who has been a true and equal partner in his career and life. They support each other but also shine independently.

15. Amalie Wichmann - James Goldstein's Possible Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_15

We always see Amalie and James together at events, although they insist they're not married. James is a businessman and a big fan of NBA games. Amalie is a Danish model who is attracted by his outlandish fashion sense. We expect there to be some good news about this couple in the future.

16. Mellody Hobson - George Lucas's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_16

This couple is a powerful combination. We are no strangers to George Lucas who is best known for creating the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. His wife Mellody Hobson is a successful businesswoman who is the president and co-CEO of Ariel Investments. She graduated from Princeton University and was the first African American woman to head The Economic Club of Chicago.

17. Miriam Adelson - Sheldon Adelson's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_17

Miriam Adelson is undoubtedly a strong woman who served a mandatory army service as a medical officer at Ness Ziona and was the chief internist in an emergency room in Tel Aviv. In 1991, Miriam started her second marriage to Sheldon, the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. These days they are worth $33.5B.

18. Kristy Hinze - James H. Clark's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_18

This is another May-December marriage. Kristy Hinze is 36 years younger than her husband James H. Clark, the founder of several Silicon Valley technology companies. Some of you may be familiar with Kristy's face since she is an Australian model and actress who has appeared in Sports Illustrated as well as the Victoria's Secret catalogue.

19. Jerry Hall - Rupert Murdoch's Wife

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Jerry Hall is the fourth wife of Rupert Murdoch, the famous American media mogul. She is an American actress and model who worked with Andy Warhol over the years. Before she married Rupert, she held a marriage ceremony with Mick Jagger but didn't officially marry him. Now Jerry and Rupert are worth about $21.3B together.

20. Miranda Kerr - Evan Spiegel's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_20

If you are interested in the Victoria's Secret show, you must be very familiar with the face of Miranda Kerr, the Australian supermodel. She is 7 years older than her husband Evan Spiegel who is the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat. Certainly, they are a perfect match for each other. Best wishes to them both!

21. Tamiko Bolton - George Soros' Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_21

You will be very surprised by their big age gap. Tamiko Bolton is 41 years younger than her husband George Soros and even younger than three of his children. Although Tamiko has married a billionaire businessman, she herself is also a very professional entrepreneur, health care consultant and licensed pharmacist.

22. Connie Snyder - Steve Ballmer's Wife

22 Wives Behind The Richest Men In America_22

If you are a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers, you must know Steve Ballmer, the current owner of the team. He also served as the CEO of Microsoft for 14 years. His wife is the actress Connie Snyder, a known advocate for the wellbeing of children. This couple founded the Ballmer Group, supporting those struggling in poverty.

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