21 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

1. Julia Roberts - The Bahamas, Amount Undisclosed

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Though Julia Roberts might have spent millions on purchasing her own island in the prestigious Bahamas, it was definitely worth the money. The beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters in the Bahamas will leave you in awe. Full details about the island haven't been publicly revealed, but considering her $140 Million net worth, this purchase probably didn't take too much of a toll on her fortune.

2. Johnny Depp - Little Hall's Pond Cay, $3.6 Million

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After spotting Little Hall's Pond Cay in Bahama while shooting Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp fell in love with the island. Fun fact, it was reportedly Marlon Brando who taught him the ins and outs of how to buy an island. After completing his investment, Johnny Depp named the island's six beaches after his children and former partner, Vanessa Paradis. Though there are a scattering of houses across the island, you won’t have the chance to book a vacation there, as it's not open to the public.

3. Taylor Swift - Rhode Island, $17 million

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Back in 2013, musical talent, Taylor Swift purchased an 11,000-square-foot Rhode Island mansion. The villa reportedly cost her $17.75 million, and she paid in cash! Built in 1930, the mansion features eight bedrooms, eight fireplaces, and a pool in the back. Since then, our party queen is often seen hosting parties with her famous friends.

4. Pierce Brosnan - Kauai Island, Amount Undisclosed

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Pierce Brosnan's most impressive role, the iconic James Bond, earned him $80 million and gave him the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. During the journey, he fell in love with Kauai Island in Hawaii, so he purchased a splendid real estate property there. Since then, Pierce Brosnan can often be seen with his wife enjoying life on Kauai Island.

5. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Goat Cay Island, $1.2 Million

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill spent $1.2 million on a private island in the Bahamas, called Goat Cay. After completing the purchase, they built a luxurious house on the island, which took about nine years to build. Now Goat Cay is their perfect vacation destination and one where they can relax in peace and tranquility.

6. Beyoncé & Jay-Z - The Bahamas, $4 Million

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As is known to all, Jay-Z and Beyoncé love giving each other luxurious gifts, and this $4-million island in the Bahamas was Jay-Z's fifth-year anniversary gift to his wife. Yet, this isn't the most outrageously expensive gift he's ever given to her. Fot that you need to check out the rare Rolls Royce Silver Cloud that he took home. 

7. Diana Ross - Tahiti Island, Amount Undisclosed

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As one of the wealthiest pop icons of all time, Diana Ross purchased a property within a Tahitian Island with her now ex-husband, Arne Naess Jr. They spent their wonderful honeymoon there. Unfortunately, the couple filed for a divorce in 2000, and neither of them wanted to keep the property. As a result, the couple sold it off.

8. Jennifer Lopez - The Hamptons, $18 Million

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Jennifer Lopez started her career as a dancer way back in 1991, and two years later, her acting career began after she starred in the television series Second Chances as Melinda Lopez. In 2016, she purchased a 14,000-square foot beach property in the Water Mill area of the Hamptons, and it cost her about $18 million.

9. Eddie Murphy - Rooster Cay, $15 Million

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Before Rooster Cay, Eddie Murphy already had a private island, but he wanted a bigger one, so, in 2007, he bought Rooster Cay in the Bahamas. The property cost him around $15 million, but it is said the island's maintenance is super expensive for the star, whose net worth is $120 million.

10. Pamela Anderson - Dubai, Amount Undisclosed

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Pamela Anderson's ex-husband, Tommy Lee, bought her an island somewhere in Dubai as a gift before their divorce. Anderson once considered investing in some hotels on the island, but money was the problem. It’s not currently clear what her plans are for the island.

11. Jay Leno - Rhode Island, $13.5 million

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Comedian Jay Leno is also a proud owner of an oceanfront mansion in Rhode Island. Back in 2017, he splurged on a $13.5 million home in Newport. Built in the 1930s, the property was originally known as Terre Mare. The mansion features 12 bedrooms, 12 full bathrooms and three half-baths, with a beautiful oceanfront outlook.

12. Leonardo DiCaprio - Blackadore Caye, $1.75 Million

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Back in 2005, Leonardo DiCaprio spent $1.75 million buying the Blackadore Caye in Belize. Unlike many other celebrities, Leonardo DiCaprio purchased the island to build an environmentally friendly resort-like complex. We’re sure there are plenty of environmental enthusiasts that would love to visit his island in the future.

13. Mel Gibson - Mago Island, $15 Million

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In 2005, the well-known actor Mel Gibson bought the Mago Island In Fiji for $15 million. He didn’t build a resort on the island because his plan wasn’t to make money. Instead, he wanted somewhere to escape from the crazy Hollywood lifestyle. Mago Island has 5,400 acres of pure greenery and has an almost perfectly round shape.

14. North West & Kim Kardashian - Turtle Island, $5 Million

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As the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West will definitely inherit a big fortune from her parents. However, at the age of 6, North West has already become an island owner after her mother gifted the $5-million Turtle Island to her. Kim Kardashian has decided to build a private theme park on the island.

15. Eric Clapton - Standfast Point, Antigua Island, $4 Million (Just for the Villa)

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Legendary musician Eric Clapton tried everything he could to make his Standfast Point property on Antigua Island feel like home. The gorgeous mansion features two swimming pools, dining areas, and a billiard room with staff on hand to accommodate guests. It costs $50K per week to rent the house, which is quite expensive.

16. Paul Allen - Allan Island, $13.5 Million

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If you had billions in your bank account, you might also have thoughts of buying your own island. Back in the early 1990s, Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, bought Allan Island at a cost of around $13.5 million. However, he later tried and struggled to sell it when another island took caught his eye. After two decades, Paul Allen finally got rid of the island for $8 million.

17. Billy Joel - Long Island, $32.5 Million

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Though the Piano Man singer, Billy Joel, purchased his patch of real estate in Long Island for $22.5 million, later he put it up for sale for $32.5 million. Over these years, Joel has made quite a lot of changes to the place, such as turning the indoor pool into a music room. According to Joel, because he couldn't construct a dock for his three boats, he had to sell the place.

18. Ricky Martin - Brazil, $8 Million

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As the "King of Latin Pop", Ricky Martin has already accumulated a big fortune. In 2008, he purchased an $8-million island, situated in the Angra dos Reis archipelago in Brazil. He and his husband, Jwan Yosef must love experiencing private escapades there.

19. Bruce Willis - Parrot Cay, $4.95K A Night

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Like many other celebrities, the legendary Hollywood star Bruce Willis also offers his property in Parrot Cay as a rental when he isn't home. It has stellar privacy and security, with no access to non-residents and situated within a no-fly zone. The mansion, named “The Residence”, offers five bedrooms and two guest houses in addition to the main house.

20. Michael Schumacher - Dubai, $5.55 Million

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Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher got his private island in Dubai from the Prince of Dubai as a gift. So, he didn't spend a single penny in exchange for living the dream of owning his own private island. However, it is a challenge to get to the $5.55-million island, as it can only be accessed by helicopter or boat.

21. George Clooney - Lake Como Villa, $13.6 Million

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In 2002, Academy Award winner, George Clooney, bought a villa in Lake Como, Italy. The mansion cost him $13.6 million. It is said that the house was constructed in the 18th century and features 25 rooms, an outdoor theater, and a large garage. Celebrities like Madonna and Catherine Zeta-Jones have stayed here as guests.