20 US Universities That Just Aren't Worth The Tuition

A college diploma comes at a cost, including the hours of studying and tuition. Every year, Payscale compiles a list of the values of colleges in the US, calculating tuition costs, graduation rates, and returns on investments. Here're 20 colleges with the worst returns on investment.

1. Saint Augustine's University - Return on Investment: -$77,700

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Saint Augustine's University has a motto that reads "the truth will set you free." But when it comes to the returns on investment, the truth is hard to swallow. With a total enrollment of just 974 students, the school requires $129,000 for each student for four years, but only 23% of them graduate. Most of those graduates see a small return for their investment, and are left with a diploma and a mountain of debt.


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