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20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities

With millions in annual salary, celebrities treat themselves to extravagant lifestyles, and they are never stingy when purchasing yachts. Take a glance at these luxurious floating mansions!

1. Bono - Cyan, $11.5M 20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_1

This $11.5 million yacht comes with luxurious amenities, such as hot tubs and an outdoor movie theater. The band U2's lead vocalist personalized the yacht Cyan, painting the lower part of the boat in his favorite blue and adding a state-of-the-art stereo system. 

2. Tiger Woods - Privacy, $20M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_2

The golf legend blew $20 million on his precious yacht Privacy. The 155-foot-long ship can hold between 15 and 20 passengers, who can have their own privacy in their cabins. Woods even drives it during his matches. 

3. Shaq - Free Throw, Price Unrevealed 

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_3

When the former professional basketball player Shaq first got his yacht, he asked fans to name it on social media. His sense of humor led him to the name "Free Throw," and he indeed took no offense to it. 

4. Rihanna - Latitude, $18.8M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_4

Rihana's $18.8 million yacht is more like a water bungalow. With a private beauty salon, 12 staterooms, and a private studio, her boat Latitude is really heaven for everyone who steps onboard. 

5. Gwyneth Paltrow - Silolona, $65M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_5

A successful career has left Gwyneth Paltrow with plenty of money to enjoy. She spent $65  million renting the yacht Siolona, and took her family on a trip to Myanmar and Indonesia. For just a week, they ended up spending $210,000.

6. Michael Jordan - Mr. Terrible, $80M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_6

A successful basketball career and endorsement deals have allowed Michael Jordan to buy many  extravagant things, including this 230 foot long yacht. Like its name, the ship is fully equipped, including a satellite, an audiovisual system, and even a full-size basketball court.

7. Billy Joel - Vendetta, $1.3M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_7

"Piano Man" Billy Joel has always been a huge fan of collecting boats. Among his collection, the $1.3 million yacht Vendetta is the best. Inspired by a 1920s motor yacht model, the yacht is ideal for a getaway on the seas.

8. Oprah Winfrey - Trending, $300M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_8

Her successful talk show career enabled Oprah Winfrey to purchase a superyacht for $300 million. The 50-meter-long yacht Trending has a maximum speed of 24 knots. As for charter, it costs $210,000 per week.

9. Simon Cowell - Slipstream, $500M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_9

Simon "Sarcastic" Cowell earned his $500 million fortune through his talent shows. He blew $73 million on his beautiful yacht Slipstream. Painted in silver and dark blue, the customized yacht is highlighted with its deck jacuzzi and an outdoor dining area where one can overlook the water.

10. Brad Pitt - Ghost II, $7M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_10

When Brad Pitt bought this $7 million yacht Ghost II from Australia, he used it as a place where he and Angelina Jolie could share some private time. For privacy protection, Pitt even equipped the ship with signal jamming technologies.

11. Sean Combs - The Maraya, $820M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_11

As one of the wealthiest rappers around, Sean Combs also owns one of the biggest and most expensive yachts, the $820 million The Maraya. It has everything, from an elevator and a dance floor, to a foldable balcony and 6 cabins.

12. Nicole Kidman - Hokulani, $4.5M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_12

Named after Nicole Kidman's Hawaiian name, the $4.5 million yacht Hokulani is painted in a champagne color on the outside and is designed in a sporty style on the inside. Besides the essential yacht functions, it has a unique sunbathing deck. Nicole sold it when she moved from Sydney to America.  

13. J.K. Rowling - Amphitrite, $27M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_13

Once owned by Johnny Depp, Amphitrite found its new owner, J.K. Rowling, in 2015. Rowling paid $27 million for the ship, which boasts satellite systems, a 12-nautical-mile cruising speed, and multiple guest rooms. A year later, however, Rowling decided to sell it for $19 million.

14. Calvin Klein - Vantage, $60M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_14

The superyacht Vantage is considered one of the most elegant yachts around, just like its owner Calvin Klein. With a party deck and private sundeck, this 150-foot-long superyacht is worth $60 million.

15. Elton John - Wabi-Sabi, $26M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_15

Best-selling music artist Elton John paid renowned superyacht designer Donald Starkey a manageable $26 million to design a superyacht. Painted in bright white, his yacht Wabi-Sabi can cruise at up to 15 knots and gives up to 18 guests a more than pleasant ride.

16. Jerry Jones - Bravo Eugenia, $225M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_16

When billionaire businessman Jerry Jones bought this $225 million yacht, he named the boat after his wife, Bravo Eugenia. Built by Oceanco, its shape is characterized by a combination of sharp lines and angles. The yacht is also famous for its ecologically friendly features. 

17. Giorgio Armani - Main, $60M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_17

As one of the most well-known luxurious designers in the world, Giorgio Armani even designed his yacht Main. This 65-meter ship is one of the largest ships in the world. The dark hull exterior and sleek interior style has made the $60 million Main even more dignified.

18. Mariah Carey - Capri, $17.6M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_18

Singing diva Mariah Carey has never restricted herself from luxury goods. Her lavish yacht Capri costs $17.6 million. Onboard, there are 2 bars, a jacuzzi, and a personal library. Carey even hired a full-time chef to titlate her taste buds.  

19. David Beckham - Seafair, $4M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_19

Former soccer player David Beckham and his wife Victoria spent $4 million on the yacht Seafair. With a gym, a spacy cabin, and a private gallery, their privacy is guaranteed. 

20. Richard Branson - Necker Belle, $6.6M

20 Most Expensive Yachts Owned By Celebrities_20

The English business magnate spent two years renovating his $6.6 million yacht Necker Belle. It turned out that all his time and money investment were worth it. In 2010, Necker Belle was awarded as the best-refitted superyachts in the World Superyacht Awards.

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