20 Facts About Clint Eastwood That Show His Legendary Life

Clint Eastwood was born during the Great Depression and his parents had to take odd jobs and move around to make ends meet. His mother said that it was a shame for Eastwood that he wasn’t born rich because he could have had so much fun. Clint’s fortune now stands at a coll $375 million and he’s done it all through his own hard work. Here are the life experiences of this silver screen legend. Scroll down and learn about how he became the icon he is today.

1. He was expelled from high school

His family settled down in Piedmont, California throughout most of the 1940s and Eastwood attended Piedmont High School until he was dismissed for tearing up a wet football field with his bike. He went on to enroll in Oakland Technical High School, where he got to work with his hands.


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