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20 America's Favorite States For Vacation

International travel doesn’t seem as possible this year, but we still have domestic travel. If you are planning any trips during Christmas but aren't really sure where to go, take a look at20 of the most beloved destinations within the U.S., and get inspired!

1. Florida

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_1

The Sunshine State is unsurprisingly at the top of all vacation destinations. After all, who would say no to the amusement kingdoms, wild wetlands, and surf beaches?

2. California

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_2

California really deserves a second place on this list. From it’s redwood forests to sun-kissed beaches; from Hollywood world to wine country, California simply meets all your needs.

3. Hawaii

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_3

When we think of Hawaii, we think of paradise. Active volcanoes, sugary beaches, and coral reefs will awaken anyone's spirit of adventure.

4. New York

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_4

A trip to the Empire State Building and to Broadway in this iconic metropolis is compelling, and an exploration of the Niagara Falls in upstate New York is also irresistible. Both cultural exhibitions and natural landscapes make New York the fourth favorite state for vacation.

5. Colorado

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_5

If you enjoy 300 days of sunshine, impressive landscapes, and outdoor adventures, then Colorado is definitely the place for you. 

6. Tennessee

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_6

Tennessee, the city that engraves music in its soul. If you love modern country music, go to Tennessee; If you adore Elvis Presley, go to Tennessee; if you need Nashville vibes after long weekdays in any other city, then let's Back To Tennessee!

7. North Carolina

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_7

North Carolina doesn’t just have the Atlantic coast but is also home to hipster and high-tech wunderkinder. You are more than welcome to take a ghost walking tour to explore its history after sunset. 

8. South Carolina

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_8

South Carolina is a perfect combination of history and nature, where you encounter moss-draped palmettoes and stately buildings. Hop on an old South Carriage Ride and listen to the revolutionary war time unfold.  

9. Arizona

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_9

Arizona is the state for road trip lovers. It is a romantic feast for our senses when we are enveloped in the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. 

10. Nevada

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_10

Although Nevada contains contradictory landscapes, it is best known for the City of Sin - Las Vegas. In this sparkling jewel of the desert, there is a collision between poverty and wealth. It is the perfect place for debauchery.

11. Alaska

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_11

The cold in Alaska can be daunting, but its views are simply epic. Camping in the snow-covered mountains, you may spot the legendary aurora when you accidentally lift your eyes to the sky.

12. Michigan

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_12

As its nickname Water Winter Wonderland suggests, Michigan is full of lakes and is covered by forests. If you are into foraging and boating, just plan a trip to Michigan. 

13. Texas

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_13

Tex-Mex, Fort Worth Stockyards, and musical festivals may just be a few of the reasons to stay in Texas for a vacation. 

14. Georgia

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_14

Georgia is the most visited state in the South Caucasus, and the reason is obvious: its medieval architecture, spectacular mountain views, and the World of Coca-Cola.

15. Washington

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_15

The Pacific Northwest state is the best of both worlds. The lush Olympic Peninsula and the San Juan Islands fulfill nature lovers. On the other hand, cowboy-style breakfasts and pioneer history lessons are just what culture explorers need. 

16. Washington D.C.

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_16

Washington D.C. has the most landmarks in the nation. It's a total historical tour with the White House, Washington Monument, and free museums to explore. If you go there in March, you will see the city covered by soft pink cherry blossoms. 

17. Maine

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_17

Maine has plenty of places to surprise adventurers, from rocky beaches to cliffside kayaking shores. After all these thrills, fresh lobsters and seaside vacations are still awaiting you.

18. Oregon

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_18

Comprehensiveness is the only word to describe Oregon. From the wild coastline to evergreen forests, and from the barren desserts to crystal glaciers, in Oregon you'll fall in love with the outdoor life.

19. Illinois

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_19

When you think of Illinois, Chicago, the Windy City, comes to mind. There you'll see towering buildings and Hemingway's Oak Park. If you're taking Route 66 to Chicago, don't forget to take a picture because this is the last stop on the route.

20. Massachusetts

20 America's Favorite States For Vacation_20

Having witnessed the revolution of New England, Massachusetts has hidden the fragments of its history all over the place, from the Cape Cod beach to the Lexington battlefield. There you will find colonial history, top universities, and seafood feasts.

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