25 Retired NBA Players Who Are Now Working 9 To 5

NAB players can make millions of dollars every year, but what do they do for a living after retirement? How much can they earn from their "new" careers? Many of them have found their ways to live a good life by appearing on TV like Charles Barkley, or by normal 9-5 jobs, like Shawn Kemp. Have a look at their life now and see how they are doing!

1. Shawn Kemp - Sports Bar Owner

Shawn Kemp became the owner of a sports bar, Oskar's Kitchen. After his retirement, he opened this bar in Seattle, where people can enjoy cheap drinks and nice meals. Unfortunately, the former 6-time All-Star had to shut it down in 2015, but now, he works as a part-owner of Amber's Kitchen.


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