15 Incredible Transformations Of Rescue Dogs, Before & After Adoption

1. Mila

"My wife and I saw her posted on a local rescue Facebook page. She was at the pound and we knew we had to take her or she'd be killed. In reality Mila saved me. Three months before adopting her we lost two senior dogs within a week of each other, and I we inseparable and he had been my best friend in the world since he was six weeks old. I really wasn't handling losing him well at all. Mila had a really tough few months but she's all good now, save for a few scars from the skin infection."


2. Bean

"Bean was a puppy mill mama in WA state. When the operation was shut down, the puppies were quickly taken, but the three old ladies remained last to be adopted. I chose her by a single photo, and a volunteer drove her 3 hours to her new home in Oregon. Six years ago I won the dog lottery. "


3. Athena

"Athena was starved to the brink of death by her original owner. Fortunately, she was rescued and is loving life in her new home where she has tripled her weight! I work at the shelter and had the opportunity to document her story in photos."


4. Luna

"She was found make a home for herself in a drainage ditch near an apartment complex. There was talk of just putting her out of her misery with a bullet, but luckily, she was rescued in time. Now, almost two years after bringing her home, she's the happiest dog in the world and runs towards anyone to get pets and love."


5. Bailey

“Our most recent foster pup Bailey. Rescued from the kill list at a San Antonio shelter, just adopted to a wonderful family.”


6. Jango

"He most likely was hit by a car, then survived 6 weeks on his own before being found. Jango is now up 40lbs, and healed two broken legs, a broken pelvis and cracked ribs. The vet wanted to amputate, he walks an hour each morning now."


7. Pele

"The firefighters named her Pele. She was food aggressive, scared of everything outside, and explosively leash reactive towards anything that moved. Rehabilitating her was a struggle. Two and a half years later, I'm glad I never gave up on her."


8. Madeleine

"Madeleine was found in a dumpster and taken to her local shelter. My mom fostered her and fell in love. All she wants to do is snuggle!"


9. Little Finn

"Poor 'Little Finn' was rescued a couple of months back after being seen close to a temple out here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With the right medication, a plentiful supply of love and affection, secure shelter, healthy food and daily exercise....Little Finn has put his dark days behind him and is all set for a bright future!"


10. Audrey

"Audrey was found on the side of the road. She had demodex mange so badly that she nearly died. The photo on the left was actually taken after she got considerably better. She’s the smartest, sweetest, and friendliest dog now. She loves every person she meets and brings massive joy to our lives."


11. Armadilo pup

"Stitch had a rough start in the beginning of his life. My mom and I got word from a friend that these people were not taking care of their puppy and wanted to get rid of him. We showed up at the people's apartment to find him baking in the direct sun on asphalt. He was unattended in a little fenced off area with no water. We immediately took the little guy and brought him home with us. He pretty much had no fur on him and resembled a armadillo. After many visits to the vet he started becoming healthy and his fur grew back. He has been living a very happy life since then."


12. Finn

"Found in a drain pipe at 5/6 weeks old, and now, almost a year old. I love my boy!"


13. Coconut

"Meet coconut. What a difference three months can make."


14. Tilly

"Tilly was suffering from emaciation and a severe case of demodectic mange. Seeing her recovery and adoption over the past few months has been incredibly inspirational. Just look at how happy and confident she is in the last photo!"


15. Sean

"Rescued From The Streets Of Aruba 4 Months Ago. Look At Him Now. He Stole My Heart."